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Town Caucus
Information about the process: click here. (State of Wisconsin , Government Accountability Board)
Voter Identification
Voter Photo ID is now required in Wisconsin.    Up to date information from the Government Accountability Board  is available by clicking here.

* A FREE Wisconsin Identification card is available for those who are eligible to vote and do not already have an acceptable ID.

* Click here for information on obtaining an ID.

Voter Registration

If you are a new voter or have changed your name or address,  click here for a Voter Registration application. Non-english versions of the application are available at this link.

* This form should be mailed to the Town Clerk.  You may also register to vote on the day of the election, with proper identification.

* For more information about voting and registration, click here. (State of Wisconsin , Government Accountability Board)

Where and When to Vote

* On election day, voting takes place at the Town Hall, from 7am until 8pm.

* An absentee ballot can be obtained by application.  Click here for instructions and application forms.